In general

Is self-esteem closely related to stress?

Yes, it has been demonstrated that people with low self-esteem have an increased physiological reactivity to a psychosocial task in a laboratory. Remember that a stress response will only take place if we interpret the situation as stressful (having at least one of the N.U .T. S. characteristic). With high self-esteem, we feel more equipped and, therefore, our sense of control and ego may be less easily shaken.

Are things that stress us different from things that stress a friend?

Yes, stress is dependent on the individual interpretation – so something must be perceived as stressful before there is a stress response, which means there are lots of individual differences in stressors.

What is the link between perfectionism and stress?

Perfectionism is a behavior that is in relation with a personality type where the person tries to reach perfection. This trait is usually present in people that are very precise, meticulous and conscientious. However, some people place the bar so high that they will never be able to reach it. If this is the case, these individuals can feel disappointed, which will place them in a delicate situation and a possibly stressful one. Some researches suggest that such perfectionism increases the stress hormone level.

What is the difference between stress and anxiety?

First, anxiety is the fear of fear. It may be caused by a personality trait or a temporary state. On the other hand, stress is not a personality trait but rather a response of our body to Novelty, Unpredictability, a Threat to our sense or self, as well as poor Sense of control. Yet, there is a link between stress and anxiety. Indeed, people who have an anxious personality are usually more susceptible to have higher stress responses.

Is it possible to stop being chronically stressed?

Yes, by recognizing what is causing our stress. It is important to understand that being chronically stressed has an influence on our way of perceiving future situations. The first step to eliminate chronic stress is to recognize the reasons why we are stressed and then foster resilience.

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How and in what way does elevated sweating help us kill our mammoth (reduce stress)?

Contrary to what one might think, sweating does not help to kill our mammoth. It is more an adaption of our body to help evacuate the heat after using up energy. It prevents our body from overheating and maintains a certain level of energy.

Is time pressure the cause of stress?

No, the elements of a stressful situation are: novelty, unpredictability, threat to the personality, a poor sense of control….NOT time pressure.

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