March 24, 2011

Five years of stress to celebrate!

On March 23, Dr Sonia Lupien and her team from the Centre for Studies on Human Stress (CSHS) invited collaborators and friends to a celebratory cocktail to mark five years of research, success and love of stress.

After welcoming everyone, Tania Schramek, Co-founder of the CSHS, reminded participants of the challenge that the creation of a reference centre on stress represented. This challenge was met with great success thanks to the passion and the determination of the researcher and students who contributed to its evolution. “Today, and more than ever, the CSHS contributes to increasing the level of people’s knowledge about the effects of stress on physical and mental health, and remains a reference for clinicians, health and education professionals.”

For her part, Sonia Lupien, Director and Co-founder of the CSHS, pointed out how proud she is of the work accomplished over the course of the years by her team of students, researchers and collaborators for whom stress is a passion. She took advantage of the occasion to remind participants of various quick fixes to manage stress better. Moving around, singing, showing altruism or just taking the dog for a walk are tricks that can help contribute to reducing stress. To illustrate her remarks, Sonia Lupien invited a couple of tango dancers and members of the Louis-H. Lafontaine Hospital choir to give a performance for the guests.

Over the course of the past five years, apart from numerous research projects, the Centre has put in place various tools promoting the awareness of stress and its impacts. These include, among others, the website that was just rejuvenated, the Mammoth Magazine, the public education programs such as My Amazing Brain and DeStress for Success, as well as many conferences presented in Quebec and throughout the world.

On the occasion of this anniversary evening, guests could explore the new version of the website and watch video clips of experts answering questions on mental health (only in French). Moreover, the CSHS team launched a new number of Mammoth Magazine on the theme of natural caregivers.

Congratulations to the entire CSHS team for these five years of success – may you enjoy many more such years ahead!

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