Test your knowledge on mental health disorders

Anxiety disorders

As part of the DeStress for Success© program, we asked 173 teenagers* what they knew about mental health disorders.

It is now your turn to test your knowledge on mental health disorders! Compare your answers with the participants of the program by clicking on the answer's link.

Then check out if you are right with the expert’s explanations, Dr. Stéphane Kunicki, Head of the Intensive Care Unit at Louis-H. Lafontaine Hospital.

Q.1 Have you heard of anxiety disorders?

Participants' answer

Q.2 In your opinion, what are the symptoms of anxiety disorders?

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Did you know?

OCD is an anxiety disorder.

Among children, there are two anxiety disorders that are more widespread.

Seperation anxiety
For example, if you are in distress each time you are separated from your parents (for example, to go to school or to go sleep over at a friend's house), you may suffer from separation anxiety


Specific phobia

If you have an insurmountable and haunting fear of something (for example, insects, flying, talking in public) you may be suffering from a specific phobia.


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